Nearly Departed Demo Hints
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Q: I'm a zombie! What do I do?
A: You're going to want to find out how you became a zombie. To do that, you'll probably want to leave the cemetery.

Q: What are these things in my pocket?
A: Clues, most likely.
A: Keys and a phoney dollar.

Q: I'm trapped in the cemetery!
A: The gate's locked and you don't have a key. But that lock looks pretty rusty. Maybe you can break the chains.
A: Break the lock with the shovel.

Q: I broke the lock, but the gate's rusted shut!
A: Maybe a lubricant will loosen up the hinges.
A: Try some mud on the gate.

Q: Where can I find some mud?
A: There's mud on the tombstone of the grave you were buried in.
A: There's also mud on the sheet.
A: You can scrape the mud off them with the shovel.
A: If you already broke the shovel, use the shovel shards.

Q: The mud's too thick to loosen the hinges!
A: There's some slimey water in the basin by the crypt. Try the mud in that.

Q: I dropped the slimey mud before using it on the gate!
A: Scrape more mud off the sheet and try again.

Q: What else is in the stone basin?
A: Feel around and find out.
A: It's a penny!

Q: How do I get into the crypt?
A: If you still have the shovel, try that.
A: If you broke the shovel, try that.
A: The shovel shards can almost pick the lock.
A: Maybe if you had a paperclip or something like one?
A: Use the hair pin that's stuck in the gum on the door, then use the shovel shards on it.
A: The gum is in the trash can by the bus stop.

Q: I can't see anything in the crypt!
A: You need more light, obviously.
A: Use the flashlight on the crypt.

Q: I'm out of the cemetery, what do I do now?
A: You want to figure out who you are and how you became a zombie, right? Maybe try walking around the city.
A: Actually, zombies walk really slow. Maybe you should take the bus.
A: That bus is never coming, try the subway.
A: You could try getting into the sewer, if only you had a shovel.
A: Maybe that unusually strong skeleton arm can pry it open?
A: Or maybe not.

Q: How do I get onto the subway?
A: You need a transit card. You have no money, so you're certainly not buying one.
A: Maybe you can convince the attendant to give you one?
A: The bum at the bus stop has one.

Q: How do I talk to the subway attendant?
A: He's on break. When his break's over, he'll talk.
A: That clock seems to have stopped. His break will be a really long five minutes unless you get that clock moving.
A: Try using the shovel handle on it.
A: Doesn't quite reach. You need something longer.
A: See what you can find in the crypt.
A: That boney arm should reach. Talk to him after changing the time on the clock.

Q: He passed out! What do I do?
A: Well, you can't get a transit card from him. Was there anything else he had?
A: Get the bag of fast food.
A: Use the 4-fingered skeleton arm to reach through the booth to get it.

Q: The bum won't give up that transit card!
A: The world isn't going to miss one less bum. It certainly doesn't seem to have missed you.
A: Maybe you can turn the bum into a zombie. Try biting him.
A: Hmm, maybe if you found a way to make him more appetizing.
A: The subway attendant's got some food. Maybe that'll come in handy.
A: Get the bag of food from the subway attendant, then open it.
A: Use the tobasco sauce on the bum, then bite him.

Q: The bum's a zombie, but I still can't get the card from him!
A: He looks hungry. Maybe give him something to eat.
A: That boney arm's still got some flesh on it.
A: But it's also come in pretty handy. Maybe only give him half of it.
A: It's hard to break, isn't it?
A: The last time you pried something open, the thing you did it with broke. Is there anything else you can try to pry open?
A: Use the arm on the manhole cover.
A: Give the zombie the half without the hand.
A: Now take the transit card, and while you're at it the bottle.

Q: I've got the transit card, now what?
A: Use it on a turnstile.
A: Did you try all the turnstiles?
A: You don't know where you're going, do you?

Q: I don't know where I'm going!
A: Check out the flyers all over the bus stop.
A: One of them is a 'missing' flyer, and the guy on it looks pretty familiar.
A: It's you! If only you knew where you lived!
A: It's got a phone number, maybe you could call it, and maybe they could tell you all about yourself.
A: If they picked up, that is.
A: Wait, you've got your name. Where can you find someone's address with just a name?
A: Use the flyer on the phonebook to look up your address.
A: Now use the transit card on the turnstile.

Q: I can see the whole city! What do I do now?
A: Well, you've reached the end of the demo. In the full game you'll be able to travel to different parts of the city as you discover clues that lead you to them. All you can do now in the demo is go back to the cemetery. Try interacting with different things, or inventory items, there's probably some stuff you haven't seen.